January 15, 2021

Psychoeducational Assessment

At the Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity (KCLC) we are committed to the academic and creative growth of students with learning differences.  We recognize that a significant element of this process is ensuring that current USC students have access to psychological testing and assessment services. These assessments can provide key insight for students into how they think, recall and process information, as well as identifying academic strengths and strategies. KCLC has a variety of options for USC students seeking psychoeducational assessment including options for students with limited or no ability to pay. 

What an assessment is like: 

As psychological testing reports are comprehensive, the process of testing takes about 10-15 hours in total, and drafting the report can take several weeks following the completion of testing. Testing is scheduled at times when you are available for a few hours at a time and also takes into account need for breaks and rest. It is important when you are testing to come in well-rested and having had proper meals before. 

What an assessment can provide: insight into why you may be having increased difficulty at work or school with concentration, memory, and performance. If a diagnosis is determined, accommodations may also be provided. Once your report is complete, you can take it to OSAS for classroom and workplace accommodations.  

If you think that you might be a good candidate for psychoeducational assessment with KCLC or would just like more information on the process, please email us directly at kortschakcenter@usc.eduAssessment is only available for currently enrolled USC students.

We also highly recommend if you are having academic concerns or difficulties, to visit our website for resources and events (workshops, drop in hours, etc) that can help you develop and enhance the academic skills that will support your college experience.  

Our resources can be accessed at any time and from any location. 

Our Tools and Resources Page http://kortschakcenter.usc.edu/tools-resources/ has many handouts that can be downloaded and reviewed.

Our On-Demand Workshops http://kortschakcenter.usc.edu/workshops/ page is filled with 3-7 minute short videos on topics with the slides and handouts attached.

Our Video Tutorials http://kortschakcenter.usc.edu/video-tutorials/ have various videos on learning concepts that can be helpful

Our most up-to-date workshop and drop-in schedule are located on our website. These are currently taken place on Zoom https://kortschakcenter.usc.edu/events/