September 26, 2014

Program Assessment

Spring 2018


For the Spring 2018 semester, we had 259 individual students that came for 1443 individual sessions. 95 students in the Academic Coaching program stayed until the end of the semester. 44% of those students were first time users of the coaching program.

Visits in Spring 2018 semester (in KCLC) Number of Sessions Individual Students
Intake Appointment 63 63
Meeting with Academic Coach 622 98
Meeting With Professional Staff 198 34
Quiet Study Room/Computer Lab 477 148
Walk-In/Workshop 83 64
Grand Total 1443 259


Outside of our office, we also participated in outreach events where we go to various groups and teach them skills. We did 13 total outreach events to various groups (classes, student groups, RA floors, etc) and reached approximately 750 people.

Our biggest outreach was the 500+ students when we partnered with OWHP for their Fight on for Finals event outside of Leavey where we helped students make slime as a stress relief activity. We participated in other outreach presentations on campus such as all RA programming, School of Engineering, popup DREAM center and MOSTE.  We also did consultations for advisors and faculty as needed.

Outreach Events in semester Number of People
13 750


We also track usage on our website.  From August 1st-December 11th, the number of sessions on our website was 4,348 sessions with 2,821 individual users for 11,866 page views. 

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