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Fall 2017 Calendar (DOC)
August 2017 Monthly Calendar (DOC)
September 2017 Monthly Calendar (DOC)
October 2017 Monthly Calendar (DOC)
November 2017 Monthly Calendar (DOC)
December 2017 Monthly Calendar (DOC)
Fall 2017 End of Semester Calendar (DOC)

Time Management

Daily Schedule (DOC)
Weekly Schedule (DOC)
To Do Prioritizing List (DOC)
5-Day-Study-Plan (DOC)
8-Day-Study-Plan (DOC)
Blank Weekly Action Plan (DOC)
Estimating Time Accurately (DOC)
Syllabus Analysis (DOC)
Productivity (PDF)
Estimating Time Accurately (DOC)
Pomodoro Technique (DOC)


Student Organization 101 (PDF)
How To Organize your Backpack (PDF)
How to Organize Your Dorm Space (PDF)

Reading Tips

Assessing Reading Strategies (DOC)
Reading Actively (DOC)
How to Read a Textbook (DOC)
Planning a Reading Episode (DOC)
Reading Actively (DOC)
Reading Guide (DOC)

Test Taking Tips

Successful Study Strategies (DOC)
Steps for Tackling the Big Test (DOC)
Strategies for Multiple Choice Exams (DOC)

Writing Tips

Anatomy of a Paragraph (DOC)
Structuring Paper – Thesis (DOC)
Tips for Paper Writing (DOC)


Art Notes (PDF)
Video Note taking (PDF)
Assessing Note taking Strategies (DOC)
Dealing with Note Taking Problems (DOC)

Self-Care Tips

Meditation (DOC)
Procrastination Tips (PDF)
Simple Stretches for Stress Management (PDF)
Tips to Reduce Stress (PDF)
Getting Good Sleep (PDF)
Mindfulness and Relaxation (PDF)
Sensory Strategies (PDF)
College Student’s Guide to Using Fidget Tools (PDF)
Food for Thought (PDF)

Goal Setting

SMART goals (PDF)
Strength Improvement Strategy Chart (DOC)

Fostering Creativity

Creative 2 unit courses (PDF)

Helpful Brochures 

**to print these brochures, select two-sided, and print along short edge

Libraries on Campus (PDF) 
Computer Labs on Campus (PDF)
On Campus Cafes (PDF)
Quiet Places on Campus (PDF)
How to Focus/Concentrate (PDF)
Hiking Guide: Part I (PDF)
Hiking Guide Part II (PDF)
Off-Campus Coffee Shops (PDF)