April 15, 2014

Tools & Resources



Spring 2019 Semester Calendar (DOC)
January 2019 Monthly Calendar (DOC)
February 2019 Monthly Calendar (DOC)
March 2019 Monthly Calendar (DOC)
April 2019 Monthly Calendar (DOC)
May 2019 Monthly Calendar (DOC)
Spring 2019 End of Semester Calendar (DOC)

Time Management

Weekly Schedule – 6am start (DOC)
Weekly Schedule – 8am start (DOC)
Blank Weekly Action Plan (DOC)
Estimating Time Accurately (DOC)
Covey Time Management Quadrants (PDF)
Productivity (PDF)
Pomodoro Technique (DOC)
Syllabus Analysis Worksheet (DOC)


How to Organize your Backpack
How to Organize Your Dorm Space
Student Organization 101

Reading Tips

Assessing Reading Strategies (DOC)
How to Read (PDF)
Planning a Reading Episode (DOC)
Reading Actively (DOC)
The Reading Guide (PDF)

Test-Taking Tips

Steps for Tackling the Big Test (PDF)
Strategies for Multiple choice exams (PDF)
Last Minute Studying (PDF)
Positive Coping Thoughts for Exams (PDF)
Text Anxiety (DOC)

Writing Tips

Essay Plan (DOC)
The Flow of the Paper (DOC)
Anatomy of a Paragraph (DOC)
Essay Checklist (DOC)


Assessing Note-Taking Strategies (DOC)
Dealing with Note-Taking Problems (DOC)
Cornell Notes (PDF)

Self-Care Tips

How to Meditate (PDF)
Mindfulness and Relaxation (PDF)
Getting Good Sleep (PDF)
Sensory Strategies (PDF)
College Student’s Guide to Using Fidget Tools (PDF)
Food for Thought (PDF)
College Student Balance Wheel (PDF)

Goal Setting

SMART goals (DOC)

Fostering Creativity

Creative 2 unit courses (PDF)
USC Club Flyer

Helpful Brochures 

**to print these brochures, select two-sided, and print along short edge

Computer Labs on Campus (PDF)
OOn-CampusCafes (PDF)
Quiet Places on Campus (PDF)
How to Focus/Concentrate (PDF)
Hiking Guide: Part I (PDF)
Hiking Guide Part II (PDF)
Off-Campus Coffee Shops (PDF)