September 25, 2014


Question and Answer for Students:

How can I sign up for Academic Coaching?

You can sign up for academic coaching by going to our website, and filling out the form at the bottom of the page. You will then be contacted by the Center with further information regarding the next steps.

How long do I have to wait to get assigned an Academic Coach?

Within a few days of filling out the form, you will receive a response from our staff, prompting you to schedule your first appointment. Depending at what point of the semester you contact the Center as well as the open availability of coaches, along with yours, will determine the wait time.

What is the duration of the Academic Coaching program?

The duration of your participation in the Academic Coaching program is completely up to you and your needs. Some students will gain the necessary tools in a few weeks and others may choose to use the service throughout their entire career at USC.

How long are sessions with an Academic Coach?

Coaching sessions take place once a week for 45-50 minutes each.

What if I can’t commit to meeting each week with my Academic Coach?

If you can’t commit to academic coaching each week, the Kortschak Center also provides walk-in hours, one-time planning meetings and workshops, designed to assist students as needed. Students can drop-in during designated hours to meet with a coach, ask questions, and gain further support to help meet their goals. Be sure to check our calendar at or drop by our office (STU 311) for further information.

Can I participate in the Academic Coaching program as a graduate student?

While the Academic Coaching program is geared towards assisting undergraduate students at USC, graduate students may make use of our walk-in appointments, workshops and online resources.

What other services does the Kortschak Center offer USC students?

Aside from Academic Coaching the Kortschak Center also offers, academic workshops, off-site outreach to student organizations or academic departments, access to our quiet study room, computer lab, sensory fidget tools, informational worksheets and additional resources found on our website, such as on-demand workshops.