March 13, 2024

Professor Kortschak

The Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity (KCLC) wants to support you and your students throughout the academic year. Since its inception, KCLC has provided individualized academic support and skill-building to USC students through a variety of methods. We are now expanding our services to assist faculty who have scheduling conflicts during the semester.

Are you presenting at a conference or have other commitments that conflict with your teaching schedule this semester? Invite KCLC Professor Kortschak into your classroom to work with your students on a variety of study skills as they review your course content!


How to create a schedule to manage your time and increase productivity
Discuss reading strategies customized to the types of readings for class
Review stress management and mindfulness techniques to incorporate both inside and outside of class
Provide guidance on improving memory and concentration during study time as well as in class
Offer a variety of test preparation strategies utilizing your course content as the foundation
Virtual study sessions utilizing the Pomodoro Technique, which utilizes a 30-minute cycle of 25-minute focus and a 5-minute restorative break

Are you interested? Please fill out the Professor Kortschak form.