USC Kortschak Center For Learning and Creativity

Name of ApplicationDescriptionPrice
Mind Mapping Applications
MindNodeMakes brainstorming and organizing ideas easier. It has an incredibly simple interface that closely resembles mind-mapping programs for PC or Mac.9.99
SimpleMindOne of the highest-rated mind mapping applications. It has intuitive design and functionality, allowing users to gather their thoughts with precision and ease. The paid version is more polished and allows users to email the maps they make.Free & $5.99
Note Taking Applications
NotabilityTaking notes with a stylus is starting to make sense. A couple of things that set apps like Notability apart are that users can write more freely as opposed to constantly worrying about spacing and can upload PDFs that can be highlighted as well as commented upon. 2.99
GoodNotes 4Another fantastic note-taking app that’s essentially Notability with a different interface.6.99
NotesPlusVery much like the prior two apps. The major difference is that NotesPlus offers users far more options for customization, and allows users to browse the web without having to close the application. 9.99
Sound NoteType or write out your notes while the audio recording is synced to each word or pen stroke. Tap on the word and then the play button to playback what was being said at that moment in the audio recording. Share your audio recording and notes via email, Dropbox, or transfer directly to your computer.4.99
AudioNoteSynchronize your notes with the audio recording of your lecture and take hand-written notesImport lecture slides as the background to your notes. Compatible with Apple/Android O.S.Free and 6.99
Microsoft One NoteTake all your notes by typing, writing with a touchscreen, importing pictures, videos, web links and other resources. Divide up your classes and work by notebook, section, and pages. Using OneDrive online, share your OneNote document for others to work on and interact with and search your notes for the ability to easily find what you need.Free
Scheduling and Organization Applications
IStudiez ProUser-friendly organizational app that helps keep track of a student’s courses, readings, homework assignments, grades, and overall schedule. Paid version is more refined and user-friendly. Free & $2.99
Remember the MilkThis program sends you reminders about all the stuff you have to get done. It can be set to send either text messages or emails. RTM is available for PC or Mac as well. Free
WunderlistA 5-star scheduling app that does much of what IStudiez Pro does. Wunderlist has one of the most pleasant and simple interfaces around. It is also available for PC or Mac.Free
My Homework PlannerTrack your homework, tests, projects, and lessons and set and receive reminders when assignments are due or tests are coming up. Set up your class schedule within the app. Sync your information with any of the available devices. Free & 4.99
Productivity Applications
Pomodoro TimerAn aesthetically pleasing time management app that boosts the productivity and focus of users. Determine the task you need to do, set timer to 25 minutes, work until it rings, and take a short 5-minute break. Repeat as needed. Paid version keeps track of how many study-to-break cycles a user has completed. For every four, users are told to take a longer break.Free & $1.99
30/30This app is similar to Pomodoro, but it has a different look and interface.Free
Self-care Applications
Focus@WillThe idea is to open this app while doing homework. It plays relaxing sounds and displays comforting images in the background which are meant to boost a user’s focus. Free
Simple HabitsNeed help getting motivated to floss your teeth, comb your hair, or get a few minutes of exercise in during the day? With Simple Habits, users can make a list of habits they want to form, and check off the ones that they do each day. The app will keep track of how many days in a row each one has been completed. Free
MintAssists users with keeping track of their money. Sync Mint with your online bank statements, and access all of your accounts from one place! Free
Breathe2RelaxEver been curious about breathing exercises and whether they will help you manage stress? This app provides an introduction to guided breathing as well as some of its potential benefits. Free
Educational Apps
Dragon DictionA speech-to-text app. Are ideas clear in your mind, but the moment you go to type them out, they get muddled? With Dragon, users can simply speak into their device's microphone and see their words appear on-screen.Free
Flashcards+Users can make digital flashcards, study them, and save them to their device for future reference.Free
QuizletAllows users to make flashcards or use ones that have been made by others. Just search your topic, and use the study tools that others have published about it. Free
Ted TalksBrowse and view thousands of prerecorded talks to help with research, brainstorming, or to just relax. Free
Khan AcademyA portable teacher of sorts. Users can search a topic and watch an audio-visual lecture regarding it. Lectures are first-rate, and are very good at breaking down difficult concepts. Free
Study BlueStudy virtually any topic with this on-the-go flashcard study aid. Create your own flash cards or use one of the “over 150 million” notes and cards already created by others uses. Test yourself and get your score of how many right and wrong answers, with the option to focus more on the items you don’t know. Study on the go using your mobile deviceFree & 8.99+
Reading and Vocabulary Apps
QuickReaderApp that trains users to speed-read. Comes with access to an online bookstore with over 2 million books, including all those classics you said you’d get to “one day”.4.99
Wolfram AlphaInput a math question, and this app will give you the answer as well as a step-by-step breakdown of how it got the answer. 2.99
Vocabulary HDA vocab-building app that has 500 words and five levels of difficulty. Free
Capti NarratorConvert documents and webpages into text-to-speech. Upload documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, Clipboard, Instapaper, or Web Browser and listen to document immediately or save it into your playlist for future listening. Adjust speech rate along with the choice of built in voices; additional voices for purchase. Free & 1.99+
SpritzTest your reading speed using Spritz to find your optimum reading speed to use in partnership with Readsy. Increase or decrease the test reading speed to find your balance of speed and comprehension. Spritz custom interface called the Spritzlet, adjusts word position and red letter placement for increased focus, attention, and comprehension. Various websites and apps have the Spritz/Spritzlet embedded in it.Free
GrammerlyEliminate writing mistakes and contextual errors, spelling errors, and poor vocabulary usage. Find the right word you are looking for with synonym suggestions. Learn from your mistakes to avoid them in the future. Grammarly works anywhere on your Chrome browser, including emails, essays, social media posts and more. Free
Grammar UpImprove your grammar, word choices, and vocabulary. This app was designed as a prep tool for the TOEIC English proficiency test. Paid version, which includes more questions, is also available for $4.99.
Free & 4.99