June 2, 2014


Opening Symposium

On November 9, 2010, the Kortschak Center offered and opening Symposium that focused on dyslexia and provided deep insight into how students learn differently. President C. L. Max Nikias, Vice President Michael Jackson and Walter Kortschak each made opening remarks followed by Dr. Bennett and Sally Shaywitz from the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity who shared their years of research regarding the scientific basis for dyslexia and the challenges many people have with reading. Ben Foss shared of his challenges with dyslexia as a graduate student and how he eventually came to create the Intel Reader, a device that captures text electronically and assists with accessibility. Paul Orfalea, founder of Kinkos, relayed his challenges with dyslexia in school and in business. The Symposium concluded with a panel discussion about the impact of dyslexia by Dr. Bennett Shaywitz, Dr. Sally Shaywitz, Ben Foss and Paul Orfalea.

Source: USC News